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The Story

Hello! My name is Mandy Collins, I am the creator of Driven North Mushing! I am both an artist and a musher all wrapped up into one. Mushing is something I started doing as a kid, as I grew I could just never step away from the sport, Its an addiction! Even in college I hung onto a little 4 dog team that I trained and raced when I could. I'm no longer in college and I now have 12 racing dogs that I race all over the Midwest and Canada sprint circuit with dreams of racing in Alaska and in Europe at the World Championships. 

I'v always felt there aren't really any brands that authentically embody mushing that wasn't an equipment specific company. Why couldn't there be a brand that represents the values of mushers and sled dog enthusiasts? There are lifestyle brands for car guys, mountain bikers, and coffee lovers, so why not sled dogs? That was when the idea of Driven North was born. A lifestyle brand just for mushers and mushing enthusiasts.


Ideas can hit you at any time. When something hits me I write it down right away. Some of my best ideas have hit me in the dog yard feed bucket in hand. The subconscious is an amazing thing and its important to let it do its work.


All artwork is created specifically for Driven North. There is no clip art slapped on a t-shirt, no stock images pull off google, I create all the art.

True Representation

There's more to mushing than just Iditorad, not all sled dogs are fluffy, and not everyone is a hairy bushmen. Tho it's fine if you want to be all of those things, there's mercy for you too. It's just some of us like to wear spandex and sleep in a warm bed at night, all mushing niches are represented here!

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